Canterbury's Medieval Pageant

For one day only, Canterbury goes medieval…


The Parade

The Parade, starting at 10am from the Westgate Towers, will show King Henry II on the last leg of his pilgrimage from London to Canterbury. It’s 1174, and having (perhaps inadvertently) caused the death of Thomas Beckett, Henry is travelling to Canterbury Cathedral to make penance and be atoned. In Cantebury on the 9h July, Henry will be accompanied by Eleanor of Aquitine, one of the most powerful women of the middle ages, as well as other members of his party, drummers, trumpters and a whole host of school children. We will hear from Henry and Eleanor and can follow them on their journey through the city, past Whitefriars and ending at The Marlowe Theatre for Henry’s final speech.

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Medieval Family Trail

At 11am, you can get immersed in all things medieval with the Medieval Family Trail! A whole host of Canterbury attractions have fun events, many of which are free. Why not visit St Dunstan’s Church, the Westgate Towers, the Beaney, St Augustine’s Abbey, Conquest House, St Peter’s Church, St Mildred’s Church or even Canterbury Castle, where there will be a medieval encampment!

Here at The Canterbury Tales, we specialise in all things medieval! We have lots to do that’s fun for the whole family, with festivities such as games, mead tasting and crafting skills. Best of all, it’s all free of charge! PLUS kid’s go free in the attraction (one free child with every full paying adult), so you can travel back in time and make the same pilgrimage as Henry II from London to Canterbury!

Pick up a brochure from around town or download it here (print it off double sided and fold into four for a pocket-sized fold out booklet). Throughout the day, visit different locations and collect five stamps to get your free chocolate medallion from the Cathedral Shop in Burgate!

Join us for medieval adventures!