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City Trail 

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Students compete to find five historic sites on Canterbury High Street! Groups have to work together to solve the clues, travel to the correct sites using the map and take pictures of each site for ‘evidence’. (All sites are within a 5 minute walk of the attraction via pedestrianised High Street.) Min group of 15.

This costs £2.50 per student in addition to their ticket into the attraction. It cannot be purchased separately and the same price applies for all 2017 bookings.

Medieval Survival Days


We offer your students the chance to have a go at fire lighting and archery in a safe and controlled environment. With fully-qualified bush craft experts at the helm, this is a unique opportunity to engage with history in an entirely new way. Groups of 30.

Prices are based on a group of around 30, and include the Canterbury Tales Tour.

Prices: Children £13.75, Student £15.00, UK School £13.50

One adult with every ten children is admitted free, one supervisor must be present for every 15 children.

Pilgrims Tokens – Sculpting Workshop

Craft Month Adult Workshops

A medieval sculpting workshop creating pilgrims’ tokens, a symbol of the journey to Canterbury. Students ‘improve their mastery of Art and Design techniques through
creativity… including a sculpture with clay’ (KS2 National Curriculum). The whole experience lasts approximately 3 hours from arrival in Canterbury city centre, including 45 minutes for a lunch break.

Prices: Children £9.80, Student £11.05, UK School £9.55.

These prices are based on a minimum group of 28 and include a costumed character meet and greet from your coach or school, the Canterbury Tales tour and your workshop. 1 teacher free with every 10 pupils, and £7 each thereafter.

Medieval Writing

Calligraphy Workshop

Explore the techniques of medieval manuscripts and gothic style writing using quill pens and ink. A fun and engaging exploration of history and writing, and the opportunity to practice ‘handwriting and presentation’ (KS2 National Curriculum).

Prices: Children £10.05, Student £11.30, UK School £9.80

These prices are based on a minimum group of 28 and include a costumed character meet and greet from your coach or school, the Canterbury Tales tour and your workshop. 1 teacher free with every 10 pupils, and £7 each thereafter.

21st Century Drama with Chaucer


This innovative drama workshop is designed to bring Chaucer’s work to life in an immersive, engaging and modern way, enticing KS2 and KS3 pupils in to the world of Chaucer with a technological twist. Work is filmed and can be used back in the classroom.

Prices are based on a minimum group of 30 and include the Canterbury Tales Tour:

Prices: Children £12.50, UK School £12.25

Smaller groups can be priced accordingly.


A choice of Workshops from Conquest house…

Medieval Canterbury Crest

Discover the meaning of the Canterbury Crest, it’s association to St Thomas Becket and the significance of Conquest House in his tragic end at the hand of four knights. Engage with this local history through mark making and colouring the Canterbury Crest. A cross curricular, creative workshop, designed to improve Art & Design for KS2 & KS3.

Medieval Brass Rubbing

Learn about the Norman Undercroft at Conquest House and the 1066 Norman Conquest. A cross curricular creative workshop in Art & Design for KS2 & KS3 to explore brass rubbings and their origins.

Both workshops are based on a minimum group of 25 and include entrance into The Canterbury Tales.

Visit in 2017: Student £13.00, Child £11.75, UK School £11.50


Canterbury Roman Museum

Descend to Roman street level at Kent’s only Roman Museum. Journey through a recreated town house and marketplace, viewing the beautiful two-thousand-year-old mosaic floors. Handle incredible treasures and see evidence of a rotten Roman murder, plus children can have fun dressing up!

Prices are based on a minimum group of 15 and include visits to both attractions and a lunch room for students.

Visit in 2017: Child/Student £9.25, UK School £8.50/£9.00


Canterbury Historic River Boat Tours

See Canterbury from a different perspective– by boat! Enjoy beautiful surroundings as you glide past incredible history, including a Franciscan island and chapel, the 12th Century King’s Bridge, medieval industrial buildings, Dominican priories, Canterbury Cathedral and the famous ducking stool! Min group of 20.

Prices: Student £13.00, Child £11.75, UK School £11.50


Canterbury Walking Tours

See the sites and learn about Canterbury’s incredible history with the official city guides. Holders of Blue and Green tourist badges, these guides are fully accredited and can whisk you away into Canterbury’s history like you have never seen it before, including a visit to the stunning Cathedral precincts. Min group of 15.

Prices: Student £13.50, Child £13.50, UK School £13.25

Towers and Tales

Towers and Tales Joint Ticket

Explore the Westgate Towers, England’s largest surviving Medieval Gateway and a key landmark in Canterbury, both historically and in the present day. You can enjoy the museum, the cells and the battlements viewing point, which boats a breath-taking view of Canterbury from the top.

Prices are based on a minimum of 15 and include your visit to The Canterbury Tales:

Prices: Student £9.70, Child £7.55, UK School £7.30

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