Meet the Actors- #4 Bernard Cribbins

Welcome to the fourth in our series of ‘Meet the Actors’ in which we introduce the talented actors who voice our lively characters! The Canterbury Tales has been running since 1987, and still uses the incredible voice acting we recorded at the time.

Starring as the innkeeper and instigator of the tale-telling contest, Harry Bailey, Bernard Cribbins OBE brings Chaucer’s Tales to life!

Bernard Cribbins headshot


Bernard Cribbins is a British actor, musical comedian and voice-over artist. Born in Lancashire in 1928, he began his theatrical life as an apprentice at the Oldham Repertory Theatre. This apprenticeship was interrupted by national service with the Parachute Regiment. Thus, it wasn’t until 1956 that Cribbins made his acting debut as Dromios in Shakespeare’s A Comedy of Errors. His acting career took off, and a few years later, he also launched into musical comedy…

In 1962 Cribbins began releasing comedic songs written by Ted Dicks and Myles Rudge, perhaps most famously ‘Right, Said Fred’ and ‘The Hole in the Ground’, both of which got into the UK singles chart top 10!

Bernard Cribbins

Bernard Cribbins In Doctor Who TV Series (Source)

Throughout his career, film and TV have also been a great part of Cribbins’ work. He starred in several Carry On films and, famously, in the second Doctor Who film in 1966, Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. He also voiced the Narrator in the famous children’s program The Wombles, and further demonstrated his voice-acting talent in 114 episodes of Jackanory! He acted alongside fellow Canterbury Tales Voice actor, Prunella Scales, in an episode of Fawlty Towers, where he played a spoons salesman mistaken for a hotel inspector.

In 2006, Cribbins returned to the screen and the set of Doctor Who,playing Wilfred Mott. Within a couple of years, he was a Tenth Doctor companion- the only Doctor Who actor to have played two companions!

Bernard Cribbins is a truly sensational addition to our cast of talented voice actors!

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